Using the Latest IAM Features in SAP Business One to Optimize Security

In late 2022, SAP Business One Feature Pack (FP) 2208 introduced Identity and Authentication Management (IAM) services to SAP Business One users for the first time. IAM allows individuals and IT teams to take advantage of a convenient single sign-on (SSO) process leveraging a built-in or external identity provider (IDP). The initial IAM roll-out

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SAP Build Apps Extend the Reach of SAP Business One

Is it possible to create a functional and professional ERP app without writing a single line of code? SAP Build Apps makes this once impossible feat possible. A simple drag-and-drop interface allows “citizen developers” with little or no programming experience to create enterprise-grade apps with stunning user interfaces and robust underlying data models. SAP

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How to Setup Your SAP Business One Mobile Sales Application

In this blog post, we will take you on a step-by-step guide on how to setup your SAP Business One Mobile Sales Application on an Apple device. This is based on the tutorial video from SMB Solutions Cloud Services. You can see the video embedded below or the YouTube video link at the end

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September 2022 Patch Day

Many customers use Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10/11 with Remote Desktop Services to deliver SAP Business One to their users (as do many other ERP vendors). In the latest Patch Tuesday release (September 2022), there's a significant issue that can block users using RDP from accessing their deployments on Windows Server 2019 that

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Service Layer Performance Matters, When it Comes to Web Client

Service Layer Performance - As one of the primary components of the SAP Business One solution going forwards, the Web Client is going to be critical for most customers, its not if but when so you will want to make sure that it works well in your deployment. Performance tuning an ERP solution can

The New SAP Business One Roadmap Has Been Released – What’s New in This Latest Roadmap

The key take aways from the latest roadmap, apart from the details around product strategy, are that SAP Business One is, to quote Rainer Zinow, " a centerpiece of SAP’s midmarket strategy,and therefore we are strategically investing into the product" which again re-confirms that SAP Business One as a solution is not going away

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