What are the Advantages of the SAP Business One Web Client That Customers Should Be Aware Of?

The SAP Business One Web Client offers several advantages, particularly in terms of accessibility, user experience, and integration capabilities. Here's an overview of its key benefits! "The SAP Business One Web Client delivers a modern and robust user experience." 1. Accessibility and Mobility The

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SAP Build Apps Extend the Reach of SAP Business One

Is it possible to create a functional and professional ERP app without writing a single line of code? SAP Build Apps makes this once impossible feat possible. A simple drag-and-drop interface allows “citizen developers” with little or no programming experience to create enterprise-grade apps with stunning user interfaces and robust underlying data models. SAP

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Integrating SAP Business One Web Client with Microsoft Teams

The Web Client for SAP Business One combines Fiori design principles with SAP Business One core processes and logic. With a unique and intuitive tiled user interface, the Web Client makes it easy to personalize dashboards and maximize efficiency while reading and writing to the same database you use for stand-alone Business One.

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The ASD Small Business Cloud Security Guidelines

As many of you may know, the SAP Business One Community page is run by the SMB Solutions Cloud Services team as a free service to the SAP Business One community.   We received this information from the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and felt it would be suitable and valuable for the broader community. With

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