What is Technical Debt and Why Does It Matter for SAP Business One Customers?

So you will be aware of the concept of debt (who isn't?) but you may have never heard of technical debt, or you heard the expression but you don't know what it means or why it matters... So here's a quick description of the term : "Technical debt refers

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Dealing with Competitor Misinformation About SAP Business One

Competitors are out there in the market misrepresenting the reality of SAP Business One plans and the future of the solution so its important to set the record straight. SAP Business One continues to evolve in response to the changing needs of its user base and technological advancements. The roadmap for SAP Business One

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The Past, Present, and Future of SAP Business One AI

Major announcements from market leaders SAP and Microsoft this past May signalled a strengthening of their long-standing partnership and an ongoing commitment to artificial intelligence (AI). Generative AI will soon bring the power of natural language models to SAP SuccessFactors talent management solutions, streamline content creation, and provide access to in-depth analytics around the

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The New SAP Business One Roadmap Has Been Released – What’s New in This Latest Roadmap

The key take aways from the latest roadmap, apart from the details around product strategy, are that SAP Business One is, to quote Rainer Zinow, " a centerpiece of SAP’s midmarket strategy,and therefore we are strategically investing into the product" which again re-confirms that SAP Business One as a solution is not going away

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