The Web Client for SAP Business One combines Fiori design principles with SAP Business One core processes and logic. With a unique and intuitive tiled user interface, the Web Client makes it easy to personalize dashboards and maximize efficiency while reading and writing to the same database you use for stand-alone Business One.

Microsoft Teams is bringing the power of collaboration to SAP Business One Web Client users.”

Enter Microsoft Teams

Back in 2016, when Microsoft launched Teams, a unified communications platform to seamlessly integrate voice, video, chat, and real-time collaboration, it seemed ahead of its time. Surpassing the 300 million user milestone in March of 2023, the new market leader has become a mainstay for businesses around the world, and cross-platform integration has always been a guiding principle.

By creating a Business One app specifically designed for MS Teams, SAP has made it possible to open the Web Client interface and collaborate with other users without ever leaving Teams. The SAP Business One app is delivered in a lightweight package using a zip file format. To ensure clients meet the required business and technical requirements, the app is unavailable for download directly from the Teams app store.

Installing the Business One app requires Admin rights and access to the manifest file, but it only takes a few minutes to complete.

What can you do with the Web Client app?

Once you have the Business One Web Client App installed and available to use within Teams, what are some useful and productive ways to take advantage of this symbiotic union? So far, we have only scratched the surface, but the opportunities to improve collaboration, communication, and response times appear to be limitless.

Presenting lists and detailed views

The videoconferencing, VoIP, and chat features of Teams have redefined the remote workplace in a short period of time. An equally important but less notable capability is the secure sharing of documents and data through Teams, which eliminates the need for time-consuming, offline exchanges.

The Business One app allows you to seamlessly present list views and detailed views of various apps in the Web Client through Teams. The options include virtually anything accessible through the Web Client, including Bills of Materials (BOMs), Purchase Requests, Service Contracts, Return Requests, and Production Work Orders.

Sending quotes for approval

An example of the power and convenience of the Business One Teams app arises in cases where approval is needed for items like sales quotes. You can simply attach the sales quote from Business One as a new MS Teams tab and share the details with anyone you select. Other users on the channel receive a link within the Teams chat that takes them directly to the proposal.

Since the shared Business One quote remains connected to the SAP database, recipients can review details, provide responses, and complete updates through the Teams chat in real-time. The recipient can also access any related information they need for their analysis, like discounts and sales history, and make updates while still working exclusively in Teams.

Creating real-time notifications

In addition to collaboration within Teams, the convenient interface with the Business One Web Client can be used to create and customize notifications for relevant issues. For example, when sales orders are blocked due to factors like material availability, customer credit, or payment delays, you won’t want to wait for decisions to be made offline.

Teams channel notifications can be customized to instantly send a message to all team members based on blocked sales orders or any other important system condition you want to highlight. Each member of the Teams channel will immediately receive a chat message with information including the reason for the blocked sale, the customer’s name, order number, and transaction amount. Members can also use the Teams chat interface to discuss and troubleshoot individual cases. 

The Future of SAP Business One with Microsoft Teams

The long-standing and successful partnership between SAP and Microsoft continues to blossom, with new initiatives bringing the power of generative AI to more SAP platforms and products. This trend is likely to continue as higher levels of personalization and new interactive experiences enhance both collaboration and productivity.

New Teams features like Business Chat and Copilot integrates natural language prompts and strategic data mining to assist with meeting preparation and communication. The knowledge and insight provided by the SAP Business One Web Client have the potential to take these initiatives to new heights.