The key take aways from the latest roadmap, apart from the details around product strategy, are that SAP Business One is, to quote Rainer Zinow, ” a centerpiece of SAP’s midmarket strategy,and therefore we are strategically investing into the product” which again re-confirms that SAP Business One as a solution is not going away but continues to move ahead.

“SAP Product Management have released the very latest roadmap for the future of SAP Business One as promised recently.”

Interestingly, one of the takeaways for me from some of the recent announcements of integration to the Business Technology Platform and the demonstrations delivered recently of integration with the (and here’s a mouthful) product called SAP Product Footprint Management was not around the actual product itself but that it continues to show that SAP Business One has the capabilities to deliver next generation product integration with the existing functionality in the product – namely the SAP Business One Integration Framework.

The use case itself seems to be applicable for a very narrow section of the SAP Business One customer base but serves to reinforce that the capabilities to integrate are in the product customers already have today and is included in every SAP Business One license sold.

In addition, as part of the future release strategy, SAP have announced that they will deliver the Horizon UI as part of the SAP Business One Web Client which will streamline the user experience of the web client in my opinion.

You can download the SAP Business One Product Roadmap from here on SAP’s website where roadmaps are published. Read More or Learn More