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Moshe Nachman started his career path working for some of the biggest and most successful retailers and manufacturers in the Israeli business sectors , holding senior positions in operations , logistics , supply chain and IT management whilst also managing global activities. Throughout the years Moshe has gained vast experience in ERP management and in designing , developing and implementing work platforms for organizations and end-users ,working to constantly adjust the ERP systems so that each business need and requirement is met and did so by enriching his knowledge and proficiencies , working closely with top executives and high-level individuals daily. Moshe was able to introduce a proactive approach to managing ERP activities by always thinking one step ahead of the end-users , granting them the possibility to become better at their jobs and considerably increasing the level of efficiency by introducing new technologies that enable for a much faster deployment of new processes and workflows. At the end of 2020 Moshe joined a group of international companies in the automotive industry that operate both in North America and Central Europe that was on the rise to assist them in laying down the groundworks for their growth by designing and implementing their ERP infrastructure that could support their complex processes. As an experienced SAP-ERP (ECC) and SAP Business One programmer , Moshe went straight to work and after less than six months a fully productive environment of SAP Business One Cloud , hosted by Microsoft-Azure, that was also integrated to other non-SAP systems via EDI had been introduced , allowing the company to triple their revenues which are still trending upwards This implementation had been highly recognized by both SAP Germany and Microsoft in Munich that they published the complete project milestones on their ECO-system. The system has been extended and is now running in 2 different localizations within the European union Moshe is a skilled programmer who is familiar not only with the classical programming methodologies but also with the most recent ones and is constantly on the watch for new platforms and tools that allow for faster deployments which is the #1 request of each organization today that wishes to stay competitive Coming from the practical business arenas , Moshe can not only execute the requests but can also introduce his own point of view and interact with top executives "in their own language " so that the final result is well optimized and that the level of satisfaction is his beacon. Moshe is constantly working to enrich the SAP Business One Cloud platform running in a Multi/Single-Tenancy model that enables fast deployments, scalability , competitive pricing , using only the modern tools and platforms both SAP and Microsoft have to offer.

Integrating Your Local File Systems with SAP Business One and Microsoft Azure – Part 2

Now that we managed to establish a connection between our local file system and Azure and get our flat file content with the forecast values, let us see how we can take this another step further and complete the entire solution.  We concluded Part One knowing that we had to add some additional steps:  Adding

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Integrating Your Local File Systems with SAP Business One and Microsoft Azure – Part 1

We are all well aware of how fast technology evolves. New tools and services keep emerging daily, offering us more content that we can probably consume. This “trend” is, in fact, not a trend but the usual way of how things transpire. As long as we stay focused on what we are trying to achieve,

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Implementing an Event-Forwarding Mechanism using SAP Business One B1iF and Microsoft Azure: Part 2

Now that we covered the event processing phase and went through all the basic concepts related to setting up the B1iF to properly “supervise” those events for us, let’s get to the intriguing part of our project – receiving the outgoing payload (XML) sent with the HTTPCall Atom and invoking our WebHook which then triggers

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Implementing an Event-Forwarding Mechanism using SAP Business One B1iF and Microsoft Azure: Part 1

It has been a while since I implemented my first event-driven scenario in SAP Business One. Ever since I started, I came across an “ocean” of possibilities/Platforms/Services that offer pretty much the same approach on how to achieve that, each of which has its own Pros and Cons. There is no doubt that the industry

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