Businesses that rely on worldwide shipping solutions like DHL can optimise their most time-consuming processes by integrating their shipping carrier with SAP Business One. This post will be the first in an eight-part series covering some of the most popular vendors offering SAP Business One integration through the SAP Business One Integration Hub.

DHL is an American-founded global shipping carrier that now operates as part of Germany’s Deutsche Post system. It is among the most popular shipping providers in Europe, making it an important partner for any small business that serves European customers.

Learn how to integrate DHL into your SAP Business One administration console.”

DHL allows its customers to integrate its shipment and tracking services directly into the SAP Business One administration console. Follow these steps to set up an integration template directly from your dashboard.

1. Open the Configure Menu and Select ‘Create a Template’

Starting from the SAP Business One Integration Hub dashboard, select the Configure menu on the left side of the screen and open Create a Template. The resulting screen will show you system resource information, including the total number of documents you have and how much memory is being used.

Under the Customers tab, click on the plus sign associated with the organisation that is planning to integrate DHL services. This will open a new screen.

2. Select DHL in the Template Screen

The template screen will show all of the APIs you can integrate into your instance of SAP Business One. The default name for your template will be “MyDHLTemplate”, but you can change it.

3. Connect the API Through the Set Connectivity Configuration Settings

Simply insert your SAP Business One System ID and your DHL ID into the Set Connectivity configuration menu and click Next to begin the process of integrating DHL services into your administration console.

4. Click on Deploy Now

Once you start the deployment, the integration is complete. You may now log into SAP Business One and verify the connection. As soon as you open the software, the DHL activation script will execute, prompting a restart of SAP Business One.

Check out the tutorial video here for more step by step instructions.

DHL Integration Features and Benefits

Inside SAP Business One’s Integration Hub, you will see DHL set to Active in the Feature Activation menu. You may now select DHL services in the Shipping Carrier settings menu and have that information sent directly to DHL’s servers for processing.

This allows your team to access DHL data directly from the company’s servers and use it in SAP Business One. You can also expose these processes on a customer-facing web portal and streamline complex shipping processes for everyone involved. Some of the features you can now access include:

  • Service availability data
  • Transit time calculation
  • Shipping rate calculation
  • Courier pickup booking
  • Shipment tracking

DHL’s fully-integrated business solutions are designed for organisations that want to use an in-house application for shipping services, including label printing. With SAP Business One integration, all of these features are readily available inside the SAP framework. 

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