When you listen to a lot of the conversations about innovation and digital transformation (2 of the current buzzwords/phrases being tossed around by marketers) most of the conversations from SAP seem to be about S/4 HANA Public Cloud, rather than SAP Business One.

“SAP Business One already delivers a modern platform to enable SME’s to transform and grow using the latest technology.”

There is even a push from SAP to get SAP Business One customers and SME’s that are potential SAP Business One customers to choose S/4 HANA, and one of the messages is around the role of S/4 and BTP as an enabler of these business “imperatives”.

But almost all the business use cases currently being thrown around can be facilitated with SAP Business One. In this session with the SAP on Azure team, Moshe Nachman and I joined the Microsoft SAP team for their SAP on Azure podcast to talk about SAP and introduce the audience to the power of Business One with integrations built on the Azure Power platforms.

We covered the background of SAP Business One, some of the misconceptions about the solution and introduced the team to some of the unknown facts and details about the success and capabilities of the solution. Moshe also talked details about the recent posts he wrote covering SAP Business One Integration and Azure.

You can catch the video here on YouTube:

And read Moshe’s posts on the independent SAP Business One Community website here.

A big thank you to  Holger Bruchelt , Robert Boban and Goran Condric for inviting us on to the podcast to spread the word about the capabilities of SAP Business One.