Service Layer Performance – As one of the primary components of the SAP Business One solution going forwards, the Web Client is going to be critical for most customers, its not if but when so you will want to make sure that it works well in your deployment.

Performance tuning an ERP solution can sometimes be a bit of a black art and when there are multiple components involved i a solution as is the case with SAP Business One, its always good to have access to the best information from the vendor and from others with experience.

“SAP Product Management have released the very latest roadmap for the future of SAP Business One as promised recently.”

In a previous article /post on LinkedIn I made the comment that based on our experience of deploying and getting the Web Client working effectively, it is dependent on the Service Layer and so correct sizing of the hardware supporting the Service Layer was important.

Someone reached out and asked for more details on how to look at this so I did some research and found a few documents that address this which I am posting here for the benefit of the community. Learn More about Service Layer Performance.