The SAP Business One 15 Minute Fundamentals Series continues this week with Financial Report Basics.

There are several references back to one of the earlier videos in the series, Chart of Accounts. It is recommended you watch that particular video first before proceeding with this part. You can click here for the YouTube video or click here for the SAP Business One Community blog post.

“There are a number of ways to build your financial reports.”

What can I expect to see in the Financial Report Basics video?

In this video, Richard discusses the basics of financial reporting. More specifically, you can expect to see the following:

  • How to edit the Chart of Accounts order
  • How to generate a Profit and Loss Statement
  • How to navigate a Profit and Loss Statement
  • How to generate a Balance Sheet
  • How to print the Balance Sheet in different format versions
  • How to generate a Trial Balance
  • How to change details on the Trial Balance

This is just an introduction to the basics of financial reports. You can find more detail in the Financial Templates video, a more advanced look into financial reports and templates.

Join us next week on the SAP Business One Community blog page as we continue through the SAP Business One 15-Minute Fundamentals Series.