The next video in the SAP Business One 15 Minute Fundamental Series shows an overview of the budgeting basics.

Budgets are tied specifically to the Financials Module and General Ledger. As we are still making our way through the fundamentals of SAP Business One, it’s important to remember that this is just the basics of budgeting, and there is still more functionality available.

“You don’t want to close the gate after the horse has bolted, you want to capture it before you exceed your budget.”

What can I expect to see in this budgeting basics video?

In this video, Richard runs through the baseline capability of Budgets in the Financial Module of SAP Business One.

More specifically, you can expect to see:

  • The core functionality of Budgets inside SAP Business One
  • How to turn on Budgets
  • How to customise warning settings
  • How to access and customise the Budget Scenarios and Definitions
  • How to create a Budget Scenario based on your “What if..”
  • How to build optimistic and pessimistic budget scenarios
  • How to create and setup Budget Distribution Methods

This video is within the 15-minute time frame, which makes it quick and easy video to watch. There is still more useful information and tips to come in the SAP Business One 15-Minute Fundamentals Series, so check back in next week for the latest video update!

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