The next video in the SAP Business One 15 Minute Fundamentals Series covers the Delivery Process.

As we continue through this series, the level of detail and functionality being revealed is getting slightly more complicated. If you are only just joining us at this section, we recommend taking some time to look back at our past blogs or the SAP Business One 15 Minute Fundamentals Series playlist on YouTube.

“SAP Business One gives you the option to make these processes as simple as you need or as complex as you need.”

What can I expect to see in the Delivery Process video?

This video continues slightly after the previous video, Sales Orders. Richard walks you through the different features and functionalities of the delivery process in detail.

More specifically, you can expect to see:

  • A detailed run-through of converting a Sales Order to a Delivery
  • How to create different delivery dates for the same product on the same Sales Order
  • How to create a packing slip from your Delivery screen
  • How to use the Document Generation Wizard in detail
  • An introduction to the Pick Pack Process – this will be continued in the next video

The delivery process is an important step which is why there are only a few main topics. These are given more focus and explained in more detail so you can better understand the delivery process in SAP Business One.

Join us next week on the SAP Business One Community blog page for the next part of our SAP Business One 15-Minute Fundamentals Series.