In this second session of 15 Minute Fundamentals, Richard continues to run through the SAP Business One user interface, cockpit and navigation in more detail.

“Part of the fun of using SAP Business One is getting access to all this additional information.”

What can I expect to see in this SAP Business One user interface video?

The first video got the basics of navigation through the SAP Business One user interface and cockpit. In this second session, there is a lot more detail and functionality shown and explored.

More specifically, you can expect to see:

  • How to move the Menu bar off-screen, to the side, close it down completely and reopen it again
  • How to navigate Modules without the Menu bar on-screen
  • How to add common functions to your cockpit
  • How to use the search bar to find different functions
  • How to customise the field names to your preference e.g. changing business partner name to client name
  • How to show previous system messages in the System Messages Log and filter to your preference
  • What the keystroke Ctrl+Tab can show you
  • How to customise the System Messages Field to show information more relevant to you
  • How to find and read the Relationship Map – this shows the transaction journey with other related transactions and data
  • How to switch between Find and Add mode in your master data
  • How the “You Can Also” functionality works

Once again, this video goes for a little longer than 15 minutes, but there is quite a lot of functionality and different ways to show your data in SAP Business One user interface.

Don’t forget – simple screens don’t mean less functionality. The functionality is often hidden behind a right mouse click!

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