Keeping your computer software and applications up to date is one of the easiest ways to keep your personal data secure.

Hardware and software updates improve your organisation’s front-line defence against cybercrime. Since cybersecurity is such a dynamic field, there are always new vulnerabilities being discovered and new patches being created to thwart them. Users have to download and implement those security updates to enjoy optimal protection from cyberattacks.

Top 4 Tips for Software Updates

1) Download your updates directly from the source

Hackers will try to deceive you by offering websites and software update options that look legitimate but are, in fact, full of malware. When downloading software updates, only download it directly from the software provider. Pirated or unlicensed versions will cause you more problems than they will solve, even if it was from your friend.

2) Update and check for updates often

It is best practice to download an update as soon as it becomes available. These updates have important security patches and bug fixes that prevent cyber criminals from getting into your accounts and data.

3) Keep watch for fake ads and pop-ups

Have you seen a pop-up window when visiting a website that asks you to fill in a form or download something urgently? You should not trust these pop-ups and always assume they’re a fake. Just like any link, you should always be sure of the sender and the link location before clicking on it.

4) Automate your updates

Automatic updates are the easiest way to stay on top of your software updates. Often the provider will have an automatic update option to turn on, which will automatically install the latest updates as they become available. It will often remind you when an update is due and being downloaded, or you can set parameters for when you want these updates to occur. For example, setting them to only run at night when your device is not in use or only when it’s connected to WIFI.

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