As we continue our way through the SAP Business One 15 Minute Fundamentals Series, this next episode shows Richard exploring Business Partner Master Data.

The user interface in this video looks slightly different to the previous videos we have seen so far. This is because Richard is using the SAP Business One Version for HANA.

While the Fiori-style cockpit may look different, the fundamentals being shown are still consistent across both the SQL Server Version and the HANA Version.

A business partner can be either a customer, a vendor or a lead.

What can I expect to see in this video?

In this video, Richard explores business partners and Business Partner Master Data. More specifically, you can expect to see:

  • How to search for business partners you know the name of
  • How to do a wildcard search to look through all of your business partners
  • How to keep windows visible on the screen
  • The differences between customers, vendors and leads
  • How to assign employees to different sections of the Business Partner Master Data
  • How to navigate the different tabs in the BPMD
  • How to find and use the Help options in the top toolbar
  • Ctrl+A and Ctrl+F functionality
  • How to generate graphs from information in the Business Partner Master Data

This video is a great way to continue the 15-minute fundamentals series as we start to dive deeper into the functionality of SAP Business One.

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