A CRM is one of the most important tools to have in business today. SAP Business One has a CRM Module with a range of functionalities available to use.

In this SAP Business One 15-Minute Fundamentals CRM video, Richard is using SAP Business One Version 9.3. This version onwards has the CRM module available in the Menu bar. If you are running an earlier version of SAP Business One, you won’t have the Menu option available. You will be able to find and use the same functionalities from the CRM module, just in different locations.

“Aything you can do with a customer, you can do with a supplier.”

What can I expect to see in the CRM video?

The main screen you are working on within the CRM Module is the Business Partner Master Data. This is explained in great detail, along with the other functionalities available. More specifically, you can expect to see the following:

  • How to navigate the Business Partner Master Data
  • How to add contacts in the Business Partner Master Data
  • The functionalities of the “right-click” and You Can Also.. in the Business Partner Master Data
  • How to create and link activities to a Business Partner
  • How to record and schedule activities
  • How to find and edit User Defined Fields
  • How to navigate Opportunities
  • How to navigate the Reporting functionality in the CRM Module
  • How to find and create Campaigns
  • How to find and run the Campaign Generation Wizard

This video goes for just over 30 minutes, which is quite long for the 15-Minute Fundamentals Series, but there is quite a lot of detail explored.

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