One of the final videos in our SAP Business One 15 Minute Fundamentals Series highlights Project Management and Accounting.

The Project Management functionality is not something that is automatically enabled and running once you begin using SAP Business One. It is worth noting that once this feature is enabled, it cannot be disabled but you will then have access to all the functionality that comes with this tool.

“Simple projects require simple project management, and that is what’s delivered with SAP Business One Project Management.”

What can I expect to see in the Project Management & Accounting video?

Using SAP Business One Version 9.2 for SAP HANA, Richard walks us through the functionality available in Project Management. More specifically, you can expect to see the following:

  • How to enable Project Management in SAP Business One
  • How to access the Project Setup
  • How to add Projects into your Form Settings
  • How to create Profit and Loss Reports based on Projects
  • How to create a Project from the beginning
  • How to add Subprojects
  • How to setup Tasks in your Projects
  • Navigating the Project screen
  • How to add an Activity
  • How to navigate the Project Management Module

We are almost at the end of our 15 Minute Fundamentals series! Join us in the New Year at the SAP Business One Community Blog page for the final video in the SAP Business One 15 Minute Fundamentals Series.